Fallen Members

Bobby – PRO – Rest in Peace – September 21, 2013

Bobby joined the club in 2010 and quickly became one of the most loyal members in the club, he really lived for the patch. Bobby was responsible for many prospects and members, even his own son joined the Phat Boyz.  In 2011 he became PRO, and did his job very well.   One of his many duties was to monitor the club prospects riding skills, a task he took very very seriously, sometimes too seriously LOL! Bobby’s love for the club was known by everyone who met him. Bobby is missed by all his club brothers and sisters. Memorial Video Courtesy of Dre 

Big Al – Rest In Peace – October 24, 2012

Al has always loved riding bikes. Before he started riding motorcycles in the late 80’s, I remember him having this tricked out FUJI 10 speed bike that he loved and no one could touch. Al wanted for a long time be a part of a motorcycle club and was excited and honored to have found and joined the PHAT BOYz. They were the only club he found that everybody had the same SUZUKI M109 like he had. He was always wearing and showing off his vest and colors. Big Al passed on October 24th 2012, but if he was alive and well today he would still be proudly riding with the PHAT BOYz.

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